Touring life

Ok so, I’ve finished my tour with ‘Keep Dancing’; a whole 2 months of solid sequintastic, Strictly come dancing show pieces all rolled into one show – I was the one of 2 percussionists on stage for the most part. Intent on finishing the first stint in December, I resigned to life in a different city every week, being away from home, missing my loved ones. I was however happy with my Sundays and Monday’s ‘off’ giving me a brief break from the congas, timbales and general full on showbiz life: sharing dressing rooms with an abundance of dancers and singers- at times hillarious; getting through double show matinee days… yuk; living in someone else’s house and negotiating new kitchens late at night – thanks air BnB and my lovely friends… of friends… of friends… etc. All this was, until today. A phone call came from the production offices informing me, in a not too brutal way, that the show was to be scaled down due to it, and the bosses, losing money! Lucky for them though, they will be able to continue until December as planned, just without musicians and thus, using the backing tracks only. It won’t be the same, but the show will go on! So, here I am, yet again, left with an empty diary and the every day bills… not scaling down! To be honest, it’s quite blissful, sitting here at home with my daughter, making halloween invitations, no drastic time limits. I haven’t, for now , got to worry about which black outfits I’ll pack… where i’m staying in Glasgow, or Eastbourne or Liverpool. I now have all the time in the world to fill, with Self employed, overflowing, creative, scatty ideas…(watch this space). I just need to pick up some more work… pronto, and after leaving every little scrap to go on tour, thats not always easy! So i’m starting a blog page, as I’ve always wanted to do 🙂 Oh and I’m teaching drums, percussion and pilates… haha. You know where to find me.

I’m also cooking again, lots. Aghhh…… and breath! x